You can be confident that Touch & Sell has all the features your sales personnel need to make an impression at meetings and to create a wow effect amongst your prospects and customers.

Wow effect

Make sure you have all the tools you need to win over your prospects and customers.

Your app is optimized for the display of all types of sales and marketing collateral, from the routine to the most innovative:

  • Word
  • Video
  • Excel
  • Interactive forms
  • PowerPoint
  • Real time 3D
  • PDF
  • HTML5


There are no restrictions or limits, whether vertical or horizontal to your app’s tree structure.

Its design (screen background, folder and document icons, colour of the header bar…) can be fully configured completely independently by the back-office and by your staff.

Back-office access

Touch & Sell is an SaaS solution that allows you to administer your app at all times from the web navigator of any computer that is connected to the Internet.

At the end of a training course run by our staff, you will be able to handle the updating of your app completely independently and without any constraints, thanks to unlimited storage.

Whatever your tree structure, which is unlimited in terms of vertical and horizontal branching, or your graphic style, it is you who control your app and you are free to modify it from your back-office.

Offline mode

With Touch & Sell, the content of your app can be consulted at any time, even when you are offline.

Once synchronized, before setting off to meet the customer, the sales person can use the app without an Internet connection and be confident that the documents are up to date.

Everything is loaded on to his or her tablet: there is no need to connect to the customer’s or prospect’s wifi network, and nor are there any delays in loading pages…

Multi device

The app is optimized for use on the full range of commercially available tablets, regardless of size and operating system (Android, iOS, Windows 8 and 10). Touch & Sell is also available as a web version, and you will then be able to consult your app on both tablet and PC.

Sending documents

Sending documents is simple. They can either be sent individually or placed in your basket and sent in batches. There is no problem if you do not have a network connection at the time of sending, the document or documents will be sent as soon as your connection is restored.


The app allows any type of form to be generated easily and you can export the data for these in.csv or.xls format from the back-office.

The fields can be freely configured (drop down list, free field, photo / video capture module…) in order to suit your needs: field reports, generation of qualified leads, tests and questionnaires or any other specific requirement…

The choice is yours.

and statistics tool

Thanks to detailed usage statistics, which are available from your online administration console, you can identify which of your documents are the most used and therefore the most effective during meetings. You can also analyse the way in which the app is used in the field in order to optimize its usage by your sales force.


In the event of the tablet being lost or stolen, access to the app can be shut off remotely. There is no risk that your sensitive information might fall into the wrong hands.

All the documents on the tablet are encrypted (Advanced Encryption Standard 256 bits) and document updates are handled securely by means of HTTPS identification.

The app is hosted on 2 dedicated servers in France. The primary one is at Roubaix and the back-up is at Strasbourg.