Buyer-Driven Experiences: misalignment prevents Customer-Centricity

Customer Centricity

The overwhelming majority of companies think they are Customer – Centric. According to a Capgemini study, their customers strongly disagree. What is “Customer Centricity”? How does it contribute to global business performance? Can Sales Enablement support the transition from a product-oriented model to an empathetic, customer-driven paradigm? Here’s how it works… A brief history of […]

Here’s why Sales Training is the best driver of sustainable growth for companies

All sales training stakeholders ask themselves the fateful question: “What ROI can we expect from a sales training program?”. The challenge of measuring the performance of sales training programs is exacerbated by the difficulty of defining the metrics of success. In fact, “pure” sales performance is not always a relevant metric because it is inevitably […]

Study: Sales Enablement is a top priority for 61% of B2B marketers


Faced with the challenges of sales and marketing alignment, the disruption of B2B buyer behavior and the low rate of content usage by salespeople, B2B marketers have made Sales Enablement their top priority in 2022. Study shows that Sales Enablement is now the number one priority for B2B marketers With a projected growth of 19.5% […]

Up to 90 Percent of Marketing Content Never Gets Used…

Marketing Content

The rate of use of marketing content by sales people is an interesting KPI that tells you not only about the ROI of your content marketing efforts but also about the degree of alignment (or misalignment) of your teams. Here’s everything you need to know about this critical competitiveness issue. A textbook case of Sales […]

A look back at Touch & Sell’s participation in the E-Marketing Paris 2022 show

e-marketing 2022 Salon

Touch & Sell’s participation in E-Marketing Paris 2022 show was a great success, with several hundred visitors (thank you!) and more than a hundred qualified leads! The E-Marketing Paris show holds its first edition since 2019 With six plenary conferences, 30 workshops, many product demos and the release of the exclusive “Engaged Brands” barometer, E-Marketing […]

What are the differences between Sales Enablement, Sales Operations and Growth Enablement?

Sales Enablement

Let’s explore the similarities and differences between Sales Enablement and related concepts such as Sales Operations and Growth Enablement. The complementary relationship between Sales Enablement and Sales Operations Research on management science and global business performance rarely mentions the managerial concepts that emerged post-2000. Take Sales Enablement, for example. The concept is sometimes referred to […]

Sales Enablement: here are 5 pieces of content your salespeople really want to see

Sales Enablement Content

According to Gartner, content is a “key element” in the sales process. As we explained in our latest White Paper, 65% of the content produced by marketers is never used by salespeople. To help you address this critical performance issue, Touch & Sell gives you the top 5 most valuable pieces of content for salespeople. […]

4 tips for Sales Enablement content that sells!

Sales Enablement Content

Sales Enablement is all about empowering salespeople to provide prospects with the right content at the right time to help them make the right decision. As Gartner explains, content is a critical component of the decision-making process. Yet 78% of buyers say that salespeople don’t provide them with the content they need. Touch & Sell […]

Here’s how Sales Enablement meets your prospects’ desire for personalization

Sales Enablement Personalization

If we were to pick just one trend in the post-Covid world, it would be the increasing expectations of B2B buyers and B2C consumers, especially when it comes to personalization. Find out how Sales Enablement addresses this demand and how it can significantly improve your sales performance. Why is personalization important in sales and marketing? […]

8 actionable tips for a great sales pitch!


Your lead acquisition strategy is starting to pay off. Your marketing team has built up a nice database of hot leads. Now it’s your sales team’s turn to deliver. Even if your solution perfectly matches your prospect’s needs, what matters is your performance in the prospect meeting. So how do you fine-tune your sales pitch […]