Touch & Sell goes international

After years of thinking, building, partnering and serving up on our French and International customers with a Sales Enablement solution, we at Touch & Sell are finally ready to share some big news with the world: we’re launching internationally!Ever since Day 1, we’ve dreamt of making Touch & Sell a global player in helping our […]

What is Sales Enablement?

How do you help salespeople improve their performance and sell more? The question is by no means a new one. Nonetheless; a well-developed Sales Enablement strategy can help you answer it. But what exactly is a Sales Enablement strategy? What are its main levers?Coming up with a definition is no easy matter. It’s a recent […]

Sales enablement tools: a clear guide in 4 key times

Before we tell you about the many sales enablement tools available, let’s just remind ourselves what sales enablement is. It comprises three focuses: marketing-sales alignment, continuing training of salespeople, and digital equipment of your team. It’s a genuine business strategy whose goal it is to improve sales performance. Sales enablement tools support your sales actions […]

Training salespeople: promote continuing training!

When we speak of Sales Enablement, our main focus is on alignment of sales and marketing teams and digital equipment of salespeople. Yet in order to improve your business performances, salespeople must be informed and trained. According to a study carried out in 2015 by the Aberdeen Group, 55% of salespeople don’t possess the skills […]

Videoconference sales appointments : the ultimate guide

According to a McKinsey study carried out during the lockdown, over 90% of BtoB companies have moved towards a distance selling model. We’re certainly not going to go back to the pre-lockdown selling model any time soon. Videoconferencing sales appointments has become standard practice. However, you can’t transpose exactly the same best physical sales appointment […]

6 pieces of advice on reconciling content and salespeople

After training and digital equipment of salespeople, we continue our series on Sales Enablement with marketing content. As a reminder, Sales Enablement is a continuous strategy that provides salespeople with all the resources they require to engage their customers at every stage in the buying journey: digital tools, content, training, procedures and information. Although salespeople need content, 90%* of content […]