Touch & Sell

When we launched Touch & Sell in 2012, we were betting that, after our everyday lives, it would be our professional lives that were going to be revolutionised by the advent of new digital media.

Our Spirit :
"Developing the human at the heart of exchanges"

For our customers, “Developing the human at the heart of exchanges” means that we put digital technology at the service of human relations. We help rehumanise exchanges by taking full advantage of digital tools. Our tools and services enable our customers to concentrate on human relations and so increase their sales in line with their corporate strategy. We develop, supply and implement tools and services that enable our customers to develop a more effective salesforce and more rewarding customer relations. Our target customers are key B2B accounts committed to moving forward with determination and able to contribute to our mission in a spirit of mutual assistance and curiosity, in particular via the T&S Club. We work with them in partnership to further our complementarity. Founded in 2009, The App Lab created the Touch & Sell brand in 2012. Touch & Sell comprises a 30-member team with its head office in Boulogne-Billancourt and offices in Brussels, Marrakech, Malaga, Tunis, Dublin and Sao Paulo.

Our values

Complementarity : We’re complementary particles!
We seek to build close-knit supportive teams in-house as well as with our customers and partners. Evolving together, shoulder-to-shoulder, with real team spirit based on the values of loyalty and honesty. It’s individual differences that make the community strong. Enriched by different experiences and from different cultures, we complement each other and are the better for it. 1 + 1 = 3 And like any sports team, we also have our third halves! #Sum of individualities, #Diversity of profiles, #Complementarity
Team spirit: Sharing and goodwill as values in their own right.
The values of sharing and goodwill are inferred in all Touch & Sell’s other values. Why differentiate them, then? Because the notions of sharing, respect and goodwill are of paramount importance to us, we can only suppose! Sharing one’s knowledge, expertise and time during rewarding exchanges, making sure that everybody is faring well and has found their place, are all essential in our eyes.
Determination: Determination leads to victory.
No pain no gain, an adage we’ve all heard before and one that perfectly sums up the way we think. At Touch & Sell, we believe that, if we work, challenge ourselves and keep at it, we can move mountains. Knowing how to outdo yourself sometimes, so as to give that little bit extra, can lead to common success. Because it’s not enough just to believe!
Curiosity: Curiosity at the service of progress.
Curiosity is a real quality in a child, synonymous with awakening, development and growth: the same goes for Touch & Sell! We do our utmost to encourage creation, open-mindedness and audaciousness. Stop. Take a step back. Ask yourself questions. Ask your neighbour questions. Imagine. Dare. Learn. Confronting your intuitions with reality dynamises the whole innovation process. #Awakening, #Growth, #Questioning, #Innovation, #Creation, #Continuous improvement
Progress: Progress as a daily challenge.
Humility and a desire to learn characterise us, enabling us to gauge ourselves and assess our performance on a daily basis. Progress is measured at several levels:
  • Individually, on our ability to call ourselves into question in order to grow,
  • Technically, so as to continue to improve our products,
  • On business, with an increase in sales.

Join the team
remotely and/or in person in Boulogne-Billancourt !

Our team is made up of people from a variety of backgrounds. We cultivate such diversity as it ensures the quality of our exchanges and the complementarity of our activities. Mutual assistance and goodwill are part of our DNA, balanced by unwavering determination and exigency that enables us to achieve our development targets.

Your place awaits you!

Customer Care

M/F – CDI – Boulogne Billancourt / Telework

Customer Success Manager

M/F – CDI – Boulogne Billancourt / Telework

Account Executive

M/F – CDI – Boulogne Billancourt / Telework

Lead Dev Ruby on Rails

M/F – CDI – Boulogne Billancourt / Telework

« “None of the above jobs fits your profile? Sales, BDR, Marketing, Developer, Product… We’re strengthening our teams in France and abroad! Send me your CV via the form!” ! » Pauline Touchet Office Manager, Touch & Sell

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