Our approach

The face-to-face meeting is a key moment in your sales approach.

Touch & Sell and its partners accompany you every step of the way so that your app, which is focused on this crucial moment, delivers the goods.

It all begins with a meeting…

Digitizing your sales relationships is not simply a matter of loading your printed marketing literature on to tablets…

In order to create an app that matches your requirements as closely as possible, we pay particular attention to the planning stage for your project.

The goal?

To immerse ourselves in your universe so that we can really advise you on a tree structure that works:

  • What are the specific features of your sector of business, your products or services?
  • Who do you sell to?
  • What are you hoping to achieve through your digitization strategy (harmonization, productivity, modernization)?

These questions are fundamental to the advice that we will offer.

The job of our digital consultants is to work with our customers not just on the pieces of collateral to integrate but also on the way they should be presented.

A graphic universe that reflects you

It is vital that the art direction achieves this

The graphic design is the fundamental step in the creation of your app and it is the element that triggers the wow effect during your face-to-face sales presentations.

You have chosen an innovative and modern solution, it is vital that the art direction reflects this.

To achieve this, we work with communication agency partners who are experienced in graphic design and ergonomics specifically tailored for the tablet format.

Drawing inspiration from your corporate and brand identity, our certified agencies will develop several graphic concepts so that the interface (background and pictograms) matches your requirements precisely.

Individually tailored training

Touch & Sell has been designed to offer a user experience that is both simple and enjoyable.

A training course for our management tool will be run in your offices and you will then be able to handle the updating of your app completely independently.

At the end of the half day of training run in your office we will issue you with a user guide and our customer service department will be available to help you from 9.30 a.m. to 6.00 p.m., Monday to Friday to provide support by e-mail or telephone.

Touch&Sell has been designed to offer a user experience that is both simple and enjoyable so that even your least techie employees will be able to master your app.

We also offer a ‘Tips’ app that uses a mix of videos, tutorials and FAQs to get you up and running quickly and easily without any training.

Delivery and roll out

The process is totally secure because your app is private

Once trained, you are ready to take possession of your dedicated back-office.

We issue you with your secure user details and then install your Touch&Sell app on the tablets you want to configure.

The process is totally secure because your app is private. It will not be available from the various public stores of the existing operating systems.

Monitoring, advice and guidance

Our work is not done… Far from it

We view every customer as a long-term partner who we will work as they develop. Touch & Sell is not a rigid application but a solution that acquires new capabilities every day, and we offer regular training sessions to keep you up to speed.

Your requirements will also evolve, whether it be in terms of the number of tablets, dynamic contents or strategic guidance, and we will undertake annual visits to review the situation in order to suggest ways in which you can optimize the use of your app.