A look back at Touch & Sell’s participation in the E-Marketing Paris 2022 show

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e-marketing 2022 Salon

Touch & Sell’s participation in E-Marketing Paris 2022 show was a great success, with several hundred visitors (thank you!) and more than a hundred qualified leads!

The E-Marketing Paris show holds its first edition since 2019

e-marketing 2022 Salon

With six plenary conferences, 30 workshops, many product demos and the release of the exclusive “Engaged Brands” barometer, E-Marketing Paris 2022 offered a remarkably rich agenda! In fact, this leading marketing event took place for the first time since 2019. Three years and a pandemic later, marketing has evolved to meet a changing macro-environment:

  • Fast-paced digitalization of the buying journey;
  • Shift in consumer (B2C) and buyer (B2B) behavior;
  • Evolution of the salesperson’s role, evolving into a “sense maker”;
  • Emergence of a “super-buyer” persona that is expecting hyper-personalization;
  • The imminent end of third-party cookies, with a major impact on LeadGen and Ad Tech.

As we have seen at the 2021 Rencontres Internationales du Marketing (RIM) and the BtoB Summit, Growth Enablement addresses these challenges in order to drive and/or accelerate business growth. After introducing Sales Enablement in France, Touch & Sell is now the French leader in Growth Enablement. That’ s why we contributed to the E-Marketing 2022 show with:

  • A Masterclass on the evolution of the sales process;
  • A Business Case showing how our partner Petit Futé achieved double-digit growth thanks to Touch & Sell’s Growth Enablement platform.

#1 Is the sales process undergoing an evolution or a revolution?

Masterclass – Olivier Willemarck (Global Head of Sales) and Stéphane Allain (MarCom Consultant)

e-marketing 2022 Salon

Olivier and Stéphane began their Masterclass with an ambitious synopsis of the evolution of sales since the 1970s. The main conclusion is that customers have embraced digital media to learn and educate themselves. This is perfectly summarized by “The Empowered Buyer™ Manifesto“.

The duo later discussed the challenges of moving from Sales Enablement to Growth Enablement, including training, coaching, onboarding, Meeting Intelligence and Machine Learning to align People, processes and Technology. If you are not yet familiar with the concept of Growth Enablement, read our article. In B2B, where product value and complexity are high, sales people must act as trusted advisors and consultants, to help companies deliver unique and compelling business value. As a matter of fact, Growth Enablement metrics are quite impressive (Forbes):

  • 84% of companies that evolve through Growth Enablement achieve their goals:
  • 43% have better chances of closing;
  • 55% report a decrease in onboarding time for new hires;
  • Growth Enablement allows companies to boost their growth (up to +60%).

#2 Petit Fûté grows its turnover through Sales Enablement

Business Case – Michel Granseigne (Head of Local Agencies, Petit Fûté) and Guillaume Legendre (CEO of Touch & Sell)


This customer case study presented at the E-Marketing show explains how the leading international tourist guide Petit Fûté achieved double-digit growth by implementing a Growth Enablement strategy with Touch & Sell. Below are some key figures:

  • Petit Fûté was able to save 2 to 3 hours per week on the creation of sales proposals, which is the equivalent of 3 full-time salespeople on a team of 50 salespeople.
  • + 20% increase in sales per sales rep;
  • Significant improvement of Petit Fûté’s brand image with its clients.

For further information, please see this comprehensive report on Actionco.fr.

We would like to thank all the visitors and participants we met during the three days of the E-Marketing Paris show, both at the stand B22 – C17 and during the various workshops. We look forward to seeing you soon!