Festival des Pains has equipped its sales advisors with a sales-enablement tool

We've really got a tool that does its job and I'm very satisfied

They deliver to 8000 bakeries, including 2,400 under the Festival des Pains brand. Franck Pichard, Festival des Pains’ Sales Network Facilitator, decided to equip his 150 sales advisors with a sales-enablement tool in order to boost their effectiveness in the field:

At the time, the 150 salespeople were using a paper sales book, Franck Pichard explains:

We were always a bit afraid that all the sheets of paper would come flying out when you opened the binder, and it wasn’t very practical in the sales business.

Festival des Pains was looking for a tool that would make sales advisors’ lives easier in the field and replace paper media. The brand saw the need to equip itself with a mobile sales presentation app as self-evident.

What Festival des Pain’s salespeople really appreciate is their ability “to send orders directly to the mill once they’ve been placed by customers”. A considerable time-saving for travelling salesforces.