Value proposition at the service of your growth!

Focused on 3 pillars essential to your growth, our proposition of value combines Human aspects with Processes and Technology in order to improve your teams’ performances and grow your company while you concentrate on your customers! 

Increase your employees' involvement

Consolidate your employees' skills and performances

Benefit from a unique experience for training your employees and developing their skills on a daily basis.
Expand your teams and grow your company!

Coach your teams for greater effectiveness

Provide engaging, entertaining and personalised training experiences. Develop engaging interactive programmes in order to facilitate training: gamification, dashboards, statistics, forums, chat, webinars, quizzes, video, SCORM, etc.

Standardise your training programmes

Onboarding, training and daily monitoring… improve your employees’ learning  with training programmes adapted to your business and corporate discourse. Save time by standardising the stages in your training programmes.

Speed up your sales cycle

Successful sales cycles are based on optimised organisation of each step in the sale and a sales pitch adapted to the customer and the stage in the sale. In addition to ensuring you come up with the right pitch at the right moment,T&S | Plateform facilitates interaction with your prospects at the right moment. A key point for reduction of your sales funnel!

Align your departments on your corporate strategy

Ensure standardised sales pitches consistent with your brand image.

Validate your in-house procedures and ensure that everybody is aware of them.

A simple technology that adapts to all your current tools

You certainly already possess a range of tools: statistics, HR, document storage, CRM, electronic signature and so forth…
A lot of companies suffer from having too many tools that are difficult to unify or little used. The Touch & Sell application is easily integrated into all your in-house tools and may even increase your employees’ adoption of them.

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