Concentrate on the Human side of things and move your entire organisation forward in line with your strategy!

Growth EnablementTM

Progress in coherence between People, Processes and Technology

Provide your teams
with the means to succeed

Make sure that your teams have all the information they need, whether as regards training, coaching or content.

Develop your visibility on all your procedures

Adjust your sales strategy and procedures thanks to greater visibility on each interaction.

Create value
and boost your company

Concentrate on human relationships in order to create value and grow your compnay.

+1 000% in use of videoconference. React! !

The impact of Growth EnablementTM


adoption by salespeople
from the 1st month of use


speed of onboarding
new employees


more turnover
during the first 6 months


year of person days saved on optimisation of document searches

80% of marketing content is not used

Develop the human aspect

at the heart of exchanges

THE Growth EnablementTM
Content, training, coaching, statistics… turn your teams into champions and create the growth you deserve!

An unequalled customer-centric approach 
Growing your company is your top priority! Everything is designed to respond to your business challenges.

Your ROI and TCO optimised
We align your resources, processes and technology in order to speed up your company’s growth.

300+ Customers in 70 countries chose Touch & Sell

Generate income

for your entire organisation

80% of a training programme’s content is forgotten within 60 days

A platform recognised

by its peers and by the press

The best of the news

Sales & Growth EnablementTM


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