Laboratoires Pred have consolidated relations between their marketing and sales departments

Salespeople have gained in autonomy and the connection between the two departments has been consolidated

A key actor on the dental market for over 40 years, Laboratoires Pred specialise in promotion of hygiene products and medicines and in the sale of dental products for professional use.

For Laboratoires Pred’s marketing department, it was necessary to equip the Group’s salesforces with a sales presentation tool

“We needed to monitor the sales documents used in the field. By equipping our network of salespeople and medical visitors with the Touch & Sell application, we made sure that documents were always up to date”.

“The Marketing Department is less called upon by salespeople, who are now more autonomous and no longer need to go by way of the Marketing Department in order to send a document to a customer. Thanks to Touch & Sell, the connection between the two departments has been consolidated (…) The application has brought us together”.

Detailed statistics from the back office enable the department to analyse the documents used during appointments and so fine-tune brochures in line with feedback from the field. For the Marketing Manager, “the supports presented are more effective vis-à-vis interlocutors”.