Lagardère Métropoles counts on Touch & Sell to continue boosting its sales performance

We soon realised that the support alone wasn't enough and that we need a "house" app in order to exploit all the tablet's possibilities

With close to 100 Lagardère Group supports and external publishers, Lagardère Métropoles is a major actor on the French advertising market, with strong coverage in most of France’s regions and cities (including Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Nice, Montpellier, Bordeaux, Nantes, Toulouse and Nancy).

It provides highly varied media services and smart media solutions in order to best meet advertisers’, media agencies’ and consultancies’ needs. Its core business is based on a network of 6 very well-known media – press, radio, television, Internet, tablet and mobile – and special operations’ knowhow.

A few months ago, Lagardère Métropoles decided to equip all its salespeople based in Surface Pro regions, with the dual goal of maintaining their brand image and improving sales performance.

As a result, Lagardère Métropoles was able to count on assistance and advice from the Touch & Sell teams in developing an application with an efficient tree structure, ensuring simple, fluid browsing and a minimal but top-quality graphic environment in the image of its offer.

Touch & Sell has become a sales-enablement tool of great use to salespeople, enabling harmonisation of the quality of their offers and sales presentation supports.

"Our tablet application has been very well received by key account media agencies and advertisers everywhere in France. First of all, it arouses interest as an ultra-Premium showcase for our offer, and, above all, it's highly effective in winning over our interlocutors. This new tool most certainly played a part in the very good overall results we recorded over the first quarter of 2016."