Lead Dev Ruby on Rails

You’ll be responsible for one of our solution’s major tools: our Studio. It’s the web application that our customers and our team use every day.

Your future missions

  • Regular updates on the latest versions of the Rails Framework
  • Continuous improvement of performances
  • Continuous improvement of security
  • Analyses & corrections of bugs in partnership with the Customer Care team
  • Analyses & implementation of new functionalities in partnership with the Product team

Your skills

  • Teamwork
  • Knowledge of Ruby on Rails
  • Experience of projects

The team

You’ll join the R&D team, which is responsible for all internal developments.
The R&D team works in 15-day iterations in partnership with the Product team.

You’ll take part in various sessions:

  • Daily, to present your progress, call on the team’s help in the event of blockage, and provide your technical expertise
  • End of iteration, to present your work
  • Retrospective, in order to improve the team’s procedures
  • Engagement, in order to determine the next iteration’s tasks

During each iteration, a member of the R&D team must participate in customer support in partnership with the Customer Care team.
We also hold in-house training sessions during which you’ll share your knowledge of new technologies with other members of the R&D team.

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Pauline Touchet
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