T&S | Content for the Marketing Department

Make best use of your content and make sure that you maintain a unified brand image during appointments. Monitor use of your sales content. Manage your sales funnel and control your budget.

Thanks to T&S|Content, you make sure that salespeople have the right content available to them at the right time and that your interlocutors are provided with a unique buying experience, and you develop your visibility and your commercial content’s return on investment.

Challenges with regard to marketing content

Creating a unique buying experience adapted to your interlocutor’s needs

Distribution of up-to-date
and compliant content

Content’s return on investment and its impact on turnover

With T&S|Content, marketing departments and sales teams work together to achieve turnover goals. The marketing department makes sure that salespeople have all required up-to-date compliant content, in line with the company’s brand image, available to them from a single source.

In order to ensure that demanding buyers enjoy a unique buying experience, salespeople present content adapted to interlocutors, their needs and their position on the sales funnel. Thanks to detailed reporting, you develop the visibility you lacked on the use and impact of content in the sales process and on your turnover. So you’re in a position to optimise your content strategy by focusing on content that has a real impact on your results.


of marketing content is not used by salespeople


That’s the number of hours a month a salesperson spends looking for content

T&S | Content's impacts

Marketing effectiveness

Visibility on the impact on turnover

Unique, engaging buying experience

Controlled brand image

Optimised marketing budget

source : Jeff Ernst, The new rules of Sales Enablement

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