Make the most of your content!

All of your sales and marketing content is accessible from a single source, even offline, and is always up to date, regardless of its format. Salespeople have access to the right content at the right time. Everything is simple, from presenting your materials, to sharing and tracking them.

Monitor your entire sales funnel!

The dashboard will tell you which content is used and viewed the most often. Touch & Sell gives you total visibility over lead conversion. From now on, you will know exactly which content and elements help you convert leads during appointments. You will save time, increase your productivity and grow your database.

Manage your brand image at all points of contact!

Not only is your app entirely customisable, supporting all content formats you have (pdf, image, video, HTML5, etc.), it will also help you harmonise your sales pitch at last. You can manage your brand image at all points of contact. Offer your leads a unique and entirely customisable experience. Turn your sales appointments into a feature that sets you apart from the rest.

An app that is simple to manage

The Touch & Sell solution is easy to implement, and no technical expertise is needed. Our dedicated team will be on hand to guide you every step of the way, through roll-out and beyond. You can also connect Touch & Sell to all the tools you use in-house. To find out more about integrations.

Our best salespeople are the ones who open the app the most often: it is an excellent sales aid.

Jérôme Vildaer, , Communications Manager at Distri-Coiff