Why should you become a partner ?

Position yourself in a fast-growing market.

Earn recurring revenue.

Offer a relevant and innovative solution to your customers.

Benefit from a successful co-marketing strategy.

Become a Touch & Sell Partner


This partnership is aimed at tech solution retailers, business consulting firms, and consultants who wish to improve their customers’ commercial performance via a digital application. The partner positions himself vis-à-vis the client as a consultant and closes the sale, but does not intervene on the technical side.

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This partnership is aimed at digital and communication agencies looking to develop their business by offering new and innovative services to their customers. In addition to consulting and monitoring, the partner can also support the client with the graphic design aspects of the application, as well as with installation. Partner agencies are by default commercial partners.

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This partnership is mainly aimed at developers of tech solutions. With their technical skills, the development partner can customize the application and use the Touch & Sell APIs to seamlessly integrate the tool with the customer’s existing IT infrastructure. The development partner can also sell the application directly.

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