Tootimédias® - Touch & Sell Partner

Discover the portrait of one of our partner - Tootimédias

Philippe Boissé


  • Present your company ?

    Founded in 2011, Tootimédias® is the master of communication tools. It is an expert in graphic design as well as print and digital materials. The company also develops custom solutions.

    The Tootimédias team has more than 20 years of experience and is ready to support customers as they make the digital transformation.

  • Touch & Sell and you ?

    This is a long-standing relationship. Philippe from Tootimédias and Yann le Quinio, president of the startup, have known each other since 2012. They built mutual trust through their respective experiences, establishing a relationship that has deepened each one’s experience with the Touch & Sell solution. This is why we are proud to be Touch & Sell partners.

  • Your main quality ?

    Tootimédias® has a wide range of expert experience that it puts to work to guide and support customers towards the most relevant communication tools for each strategy, content and device. Touch & Sell is a key component of this digital transformation strategy. The Tootimédias® user experience is now tested.