TPC - Touch & Sell partner

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Francis Vergnot


  • Present your company ?

    TPC is an operational communication agency that puts digital strategy at the heart of commercial efficiency.

  • Touch & Sell and you ?

    Our relationship started in 2013, at the early beginning of the T&S app, when we bought it in response to a call for tender that we won thanks to this app and which allowed us to install 70 licenses in our new client. Four years later, as a certified partner, we manage nearly 900 licenses through some twenty apps in various sectors of activity through different countries in Europe.

  • Your main quality ?

    A perfect knowledge of the T & S application and its functionalities allows us to accompany a client upstream of reflection on content design, data integration in the back office, creation of visual elements but downstream until the introduction of interactive modules developed in HTML5 that fully exploit the interactivity of the tablet.