Touch & Sell Solution, a Sales Enablement solution

What is Sales Enablement?
The strategy of constantly aligning sales and marketing with a view to boosting sales performance by giving sales teams the necessary tools (technologies, content and training) to keep meeting the needs of their customers throughout the sales process.

Digital tools
Good content, good times
marketing sales

The buyer in the driver's seat


68% of BtoB buyers complete their purchasing cycle before meeting a salesperson


60% no longer want to meet salespeople


80% know what they want

More pressure on salespeople

80% of marketing materials are not used by salespeople during appointments with customers.

source : Jeff Ernst. The New Rules of Sales Enablement

68% of the customer path is completed by the lead online before the appointment.

Source : Forrester

Touch & Sell Solution, a sales and marketing solution


For marketing teams

  • A dedicated information and communication channel
  • Up-to-date marketing documentation available to all through a single source, 24 hours a day
  • A management centre with dashboards and data on content use during appointments
  • Centralised rights management based on profiles and roles
  • An online training and learning centre


For sales teams

  • Salespeople are totally autonomous
  • All the ingredients required to devise a smooth and engaging sales scenario for the customer
  • Scenarios tailored to your lead/customer and the different stages of the sales path
  • Information and training on sales arguments and product and service offers

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