The features offered by Touch & Sell Solution enable you to keep track of your sales and marketing materials throughout your appointments


Create and update content


Smooth, controlled communication


Prepare an appointment in a single click


Interactive and responsive


Relaunch at the right time

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Follow-up in CRM

4 key benefits for the sales team


Manage appointments more easily

Before the appointment, use the collection function to prepare a personalised list of your essential documents.
During the appointment, use the basket function to select documents and send them to your contacts directly from T&S Performance.

After the appointment, your contact can view the documents you have sent in a secure appointment follow-up space.
You will be notified as soon as the documents are downloaded.


Enhance communication between head office and the field 

At last, your sales force will be connected and close to you. Your salespeople will receive notifications from head office in real time.

They can use the form available in the app to enter information during the appointment and then send it to head office.

Last but not least, the sync history function gives salespeople total visibility over the latest content downloaded.


Offer a unique sales appointment experience

Use the navigation mode best suited to your presentation to grab your customer or lead’s attention. Whether you are working on a smartphone or a tablet, use the dynamic HTML5 background function for responsive backgrounds that adapt to your screen, enhancing the experience. Finally, the interactive PDF function offers a wide range of formats for you to use during your appointments (videos, buttons, hyperlinks, forms). At last, a way of making your pitches dynamic and interactive.


Adapt your documents to your appointment

For added efficiency, select only the pages of a PDF document that caught your customer or lead’s attention during the appointment. As you speak to each other, makes notes directly in your PDF file. You can then share your annotated PDF after the appointment. You can adapt to any situation!

4 key features for the marketing team

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Analyse your marketing materials

Get detailed statistical feedback from the field to boost your responsiveness and analyse the effectiveness of your materials.


Manage access to your materials

T&S Studio enables you to create user groups. Each time you create a folder or sub-folder, you can decide who has access rights.


Communicate easily with colleagues in the field

Forms allow you to conduct direct surveys of your colleagues and customers. T&S Studio enables you to publish notifications to communicate directly with your users. Annotated PDFs are another good way of collecting information from the field, directly on your materials.


Customise your app

Using the interactive PDF function, you can incorporate any document format you wish: videos, hyperlinks, buttons, forms, transitions, etc.

Adopt responsive HTML5 backgrounds and add animations for a more interactive experience. They can also be used as a source of information. The only limit is your imagination!