The T&S Performance app is available on all operating systems


Touch & Sell and CRM

Make it easier to feed information into your CRM, save processing time and improve your knowledge of your leads and customers.

Link your Touch & Sell app to your CRM and report the information collected during your appointment: create contacts, send reminders about sending documents, create opportunities, etc.

microsoft dynamics touch and sell

Touch & Sell and API

Connect all your sales and/or marketing tools through the two available APIs: API RESt and API JS. The possibilities are endless!

Touch & Sell and EDM

You can connect your Touch & Sell app to your EDM to directly sync the available documents to your Touch & Sell app, without having to download them to your computer first. As soon as you update a document on your EDM, the changes will automatically be reflected in the version imported into your Touch & Sell app.

Touch & Sell and SSO

Touch & Sell can now be accessed via Single Sign-On (SSO) with your identity provider, using the SAML protocol to simplify user access management and make it easier for your users to log in to the app. After logging in via SSO, your users will automatically be authorised to log in to the app, and a licence will be assigned to them.