Lagardère Métropoles

The group uses Touch & Sell to drive its sales performance forward

Lagardère Métropoles uses Touch & Sell to drive its sales performance forward

With almost 100 titles in the Lagardère group and third party publishers, Lagardère Métropoles is a major player in the French advertising market and is responsible for a full portfolio across most of France’s major cities and regions (Paris, Lyons, Marseilles, Nice, Montpellier, Bordeaux, Nantes, Toulouse, Nancy…).

It offers a rich and varied media mix together with smart media solutions in order to provide an effective response to the needs of advertisers, media agencies and consultancies. The core of its activities is based on six major forms of media: press, radio, television, Internet, tablet, mobile and expertise in special operations.

Some months ago, Lagardère Métropoles decided to equip its entire regional sales force with Surface Pros in order to enhance its image and improve sales performance.

We quickly realized that the device itself was not sufficient and that we needed an in-house app to exploit the tablet’s possibilities to the full.
Arnaud Lagier
Digital Development Director

Lagardère Métropoles has been able to rely on the guidance and advice of Touch & Sell staff to build an app with an efficient tree structure that offers simple, fluid navigation, as well as a minimal but high end graphic environment that reflects what the company offers.

Today, Touch & Sell has become an extremely useful sales aid tool for its sales force, allowing them to harmonize what they offer and their sales presentation collateral.

“Our tablet app has been very well received by media agencies and major advertisers throughout France. In the first instance, as a premium showcase, it stimulates interest in what we offer but even more importantly it convinces those we are selling to. This new tool has certainly contributed to the excellent overall results that we achieved in the first quarter of 2016”.