Universal Music virtualizes its marketing collateral thanks to Touch & Sell

A music industry leader and Vivendi Group subsidiary, Universal Music France produces and sells numerous artists who are famous in France and internationally via its labels (Mercury Music Group, Capitol, Barclay, Polydor, etc.).

One of its duties is to ensure that its artists achieve the best possible presence in the mass distribution chains and the specialist retailers.

The 50 or so users of the Info BOX app are able to access all the sales and marketing literature and video and audio content that they require via the tablet. The updating of the app, which is handled internally, ensures that the collateral is harmonized and up to date.

They include 23 travelling sales reps, for whom the store checks were previously just as tiresome—juggling between their CRM, their e-mailed visit reports and photos of the shelves—as they were for the marketing department, which had to receive and process this mass of information.

The information that the management receives in real time allows us to improve our responsiveness and to adjust more quickly to actions in the field.
Magali Frisé
Project manager for the senior management team

Thanks to the on board roadmap and predefined forms for visit reports, field reports have been simplified and their quality enhanced. The scale of the store-checks has been made uniform, a photo field has been incorporated into the form in order to integrate photos of the product positioning and point of sale events into the visit reports and store-checks.. Each form completed by a sales rep, as well as the photos or videos, is then automatically uploaded to the FTP server, and named and filed in accordance with Universal Music France’s internal system.