RIM 2021: a look back at Touch & Sell’s participation

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A look back at our participation to Les Rencontres Internationales du Marketing (RIM 2021)

Les Rencontres Internationales du MarketingRIM – (International Marketing Conference) celebrated its 7th anniversary this year! Touch & Sell was part of the show as a partner of this leading French B2B event for the 5th consecutive year. Represented by Guillaume Legendre (CEO) and Mo Ghaucha (CRO), Touch & Sell brought its expertise in the Growth Enablement theme to the round table discussions, presentations and workshops.

RIM 2021: a pleasant and stimulating environment to challenge our practices

Touch & Sell RIM

Les Rencontres Internationales du Marketing, better known by its acronym “RIM”, has become the must-attend event for B2B leaders in France. Each year, this ultra-selective event brings together top decision-makers and renowned speakers in an exceptional and exotic setting to discuss the challenges facing the B2B industry. The aim is to highlight best practices, create synergies around common objectives, brainstorm innovative solutions to business issues and engage in premium networking to generate growth. RIM is more than just a business event, as it offers a fun and stimulating environment to challenge our practices, get inspired by the best and take away actionable ideas.

This year, this event celebrated its 7th anniversary in the enchanting setting of the Château de Cély-en-Bière, a building of exceptional character built in 1430 on the initiative of Jacques Cœur, a French merchant who was the first to establish commercial relations with the countries of the Levant.

An opportunity for in-person discussions on the key topics of post-Covid B2B

Touch & Sell is a partner of Les Rencontres Internationales du Marketing for the 5th consecutive year. Beyond the sheer pleasure of meeting our peers in a convivial atmosphere, this annual event is also an opportunity for us to work with our clients on issues of Sales and Marketing alignment, to catch up on new practices, brainstorm, get inspired and share our Insights on Growth Enablement.

The event, which took place on September 23rd and 24th, was first and foremost an opportunity to rediscover the pleasure of in-person exchanges after the pandemic. Naturally, the post-Covid perspectives dominated the debates: how to protect our businesses from the turmoil of a turbulent context while seizing the numerous new opportunities it presents?

This core theme is the source of many topics of interest to B2B decision-makers: the frantic digitalisation of activities, the role of Sales Enablement in rationalising costs and improving conversion rates, the hyper-personalisation of marketing content, the transition from Account-Based Marketing (ABM) to Account-Based Experience (ABX), the alignment between Sales and Marketing teams, the updating of the technological stack in a context of digitalisation and new marketing drivers such as Social Listening.

On the agenda: Marketing, Sales, Brand and Data

Touch & Sell RIM

The first day of Les Rencontres Internationales du Marketing (September 23rd) was dedicated to the streamlining of the sales force’s actions. The speakers focused in particular on the reorganisation of teams to adapt sales actions to the “all things digital” world we live in, to the lengthening of the buying decision processes (through collegiality) but also to the unprecedented enthusiasm of buyers for content consumption.

The second day (September 24th) was devoted to the importance of the brand in a context where the boundary between B2B and B2C is becoming even more blurred (demand for personalisation, need of a rich and omnichannel experience…). The speakers emphasised the importance of the ambassador community, a real catalyst of communication reach. More broadly, actions aimed at building customer loyalty were put back at the centre of the debate, as they represent “the shortest route” to stimulate growth.

This second day also featured some very interesting discussions on Data. Obviously, Data has never been so massive, but strangely enough, it remains under-exploited by companies which suffer from an obsolete technological stack and/or a lack of internal skills.

Touch & Sell at RIM 2021: meet the A-Team!

Touch & Sell RIM

Guillaume Legendre, CEO of Touch & Sell, who shared his expertise with the audience on topics related to “managing the sales funnel in a dehumanised hybrid world“, was particularly pleased that the RIMs were held as an in-person event. “The face-to-face event remains the most effective lever for networking and creating new synergies with peers. The RIMs, a flagship B2B event, are an essential marker that gives new momentum to the industry’s leaders.”

We would like to warmly thank our dear clients Michel Granseigne (Petit Futé), Nadia Squire (Disney), Nadia Omeyer (MAN Truck & Bus France) and Franck Cicala (Groupe Renault) for accepting our invitation but also for the great quality of their contributions throughout the event. Touch & Sell would also like to thank the organising committee, headed by the excellent Mohamed Khodja and the tireless Sandrine Chebille – Le Cam!The full report of the RIMs and an interview with Guillaume Legendre, our CEO, can be found on BtoB Leaders.