The team

Touch & Sell is a captivating, fun adventure from a team that celebrates innovation and initiative! A team that wants to positively impact the lives of its users just as much as its employees.


Yann Le Quinio

After 10 years talking about digital to the marketing teams, I looked into the sales topic and naturally I joined Touch & Sell. Our daily life is driven by the motivation to improve sales thanks to digital! Touch & Sell is rapidly growing in all respects and my goal is to manage such growth

Chief Operating Officer

Guillaume Legendre

My role is to cater to the needs of the clients and those of our partner agencies as well as to help defend their interests. Their success is mine and I like to think that we are working towards a common goal. Working at Touch & Sell is a wonderful professional and personal adventure, it’s the opportunity to work within a tightly knit team which constantly strives to go further in order to be the best !

Customer Success Manager

Cynthia Rebeiz

Touch & Sell is a rare software publisher where each person’s value is recognized and everyone is free to express themselves. Whether it’s personal development, team spirit or building our software, what’s important is that we’re always advancing !

VP Engineer

Vincent Robert

I’ve gained so much personally and professionally in my (almost) two years at Touch & Sell. Although my work involves certain tedious aspects, doing it for T&S makes it fun. I’m happy to sit down in front of my computer every morning and glad to have a good meeting with my colleagues.

Senior Sales Assistant

Dominique Nobis

Channel Manager

Simon Le Gal

Mobile Developer

Gaël Buchet

Touch & Sell gave me the opportunity to prove myself as a Ruby on Rails developer, while I come from HR : it shows how much this Company likes to build itself with people coming from multiple experiences and backgrounds, having complementary visions! This is the receipe of success ! Moreover, working within a benevolent environment gives us the desire to move forward, all together !

Back Office Developer

Clément Simons

These past two years spent working for Touch & Sell brought me more experience than five years in the aerospace industry! Thanks to a fascinating subject and an engaged, diversified and competent team, I wake up every morning being proud to be part of this adventure, having the feeling I am changing the world with these amazing guys. I could not dream any better job.

Product Manager

Armand Quainon

We’re a team that’s passionate about performance and sales excellence. Our goal is to provide a simple-to-use mobile solution that’s quick to implement for all employees in a company, starting with the salespeople. We help our clients every day to simplify the way they present their companies. In turn, they help us accelerate our development so we can expand the family.

Senior Executive Business Development

Guillaume Robin

Chief Marketing Officer

Loïc Thomas

Working at a startup like Touch & Sell is an incredible adventure. As a student apprentice, collaborating with committed, motivated people every day is really rewarding. So is working in the ideal work environment where trust and sharing go hand-in-hand. Simply the best team!

Marketing Executive

Charlène Demaret

Touch & Sell is above all a great human adventure! Moreover if you want to fully participate in the development of a great application for companies, this is where it’s happening !

Chief Sales Officer

Baptiste Gervais

Touch & Sell is a team united towards a common goal: its success. We are complemented by our very different strengths, expertise and experience. When I joined the R & D team, I was be able to integrate the current developments and fully engage in the company's strategy from my first day. Integration level is awesome !

Back Office Software Engineer

Renaud Gagnon

After five years working in IT Consulting at large companies, I joined Touch & Sell so I could work on the product with a competent team that shares the same desire to improve.

Senior Mobile Developer

Jean-Baptiste Gomez