Touch & Sell wins two awards at the 2021 Modern Selling Cas d’Or

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Touch & Sell cas d'or

Sharing best practices is the shortest route to success in B2B, as academic knowledge remains a rarity in our businesses. This was the premise of the Modern Selling Cas d’Or Awards, the flagship Test & Learn event that announced its winners on the evening of October 19th. Touch & Sell, which presented a case study highlighting the work performed with our partner Bangcast, was the big winner of this year’s event, receiving not only the Training Award but also the Modern Selling Grand Prize.

Touch & Sell x Bangcast, a winning partnership

Touch & Sell cas d'or

After an eye-catching participation in the Rencontres Internationales du Marketing (RIM#2021), Touch & Sell took part in the 2021 Modern Selling Cas d’Or with a case study co-presented with our partner Bangcast, the “Netflix of Sales Training”. Bangcast has chosen the Touch & Sell platform to create customized training and coaching paths tailored to the needs of its salespeople and managers. The jury for the 2021 the Modern Selling Cas d’Or highlighted:

  • The synergies between Touch & Sell’s innovative technology and Bangcast’s training expertise;
  • Our all-in-one platform that brings together Content, Training and Coaching to realize the full potential of Bangcast sales teams;
  • The delivery and certification system for sales people in the “Business Partner Selling methodology by Bangcast”;
  • Onboarding and coaching of salespeople throughout their career in the company;
  • 50+ courses and 100+ sales testimonials available on demand.

The Touch & Sell platform allows Bangcast sales representatives to learn at their own pace through courses adapted to their needs and entertaining training formats (gamification, practical exercises, soft skills scoring, etc.). The platform also provides them with a space for sharing ideas and discussing key topics with the rest of the team to disseminate successful practices. Last but not least, they have real-time visibility on their progress to progress with confidence. As for managers, the Touch & Sell platform provides personalized training and coaching programs, helps optimize the onboarding of new recruits and promotes better monitoring by identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each employee.

Touch & Sell wins the Grand Prize and the Training Prize

Touch & Sell cas d'or

Touch & Sell believes that Modern Selling cannot be achieved without a complete overhaul of the training effort for sales teams in a rapidly evolving B2B world. That’s why we participated in this year’ s event with a case study that illustrates our vision of Training & Coaching 2.0. The jury was clearly won over by the Touch & Sell x Bangcast experience, as they awarded us the Training Prize as well as the coveted Grand Prize of the 2021 Modern Selling Cas d’Or.

We would like to thank all the organizers and participants, and we look forward to meeting them in 2022 with new inspiring case studies.

I am very proud to receive the Training Award as well as the Modern Selling Grand Prize in recognition of the work done for our partner Bangcast and the efforts of all the Touch & Sell teams to make the customer experience as effective as possible. This award comes after many months of reflection, development and questioning, and motivates us to continue on the path of innovation to improve our customers’ performance. A big thanks to the members of the jury and long live the Growth Enablement!

Guillaume Legendre, CEO of Touch & Sell.