Make the difference during your sales appointments!

With the Touch & Sell solution, you can convey a credible, attractive image of your company and show off your product or service offer. You can offer a customer experience entirely tailored to your contact thanks to the centralisation of sales and marketing materials, which are always up to date and available, even without an internet connection. Your salespeople will perform effectively and convey an enhanced brand image, and you will set yourself apart from the competition.

Boost your sales team’s performance!

Your salespeople can save time with Touch & Sell Solution! Before the appointment: no need to prepare and update presentations. During the appointment: T&S Performance enables salespeople to send content directly. After the appointment, your team can track their documents. They will spend more time on closing, and your sales performance will be boosted as a result.

An easy-to-implement tool

Everything is simple with Touch & Sell! Our solution is easy to implement, and no technical expertise is needed. A dedicated team is on hand to guide you every step of the way, through roll-out and beyond. You can also connect Touch & Sell Solution to all the tools you use in-house.

Structure your sales and marketing processes

Whether your salespeople are in the field or in the office, they will have access to all available sales and marketing content in a single location. The app’s tree structure lets you build a coherent, harmonised sales pitch with ease. Thanks to monitoring and tracking of your sent documents, you can simplify the sales tunnel and manage the performance of your salespeople simply. You can also interact directly with your salespeople in the field to boost your responsiveness.

Simple and user-friendly, the solution conveys a positive image without the need for any big investments.

Vincent Allard, Territory Manager Dometic France