T&S | Connect

Sending a meeting report is not always simple ? 
Do you never know if the documents you sent have been downloaded ?


An online collaborative space to bring together your sales teams and clients on the T&S platform, so that everyone can interact and follow exchanges more easily.

The challenges in terms of marketing content

Access all comments and documents exchanged in a single space, save time, and engage your contacts in an optimized and efficient sales cycle.

Launch a topic, a discussion, or new content directly from the meeting space with shared content.

Your clients can also include other contacts from their organization.

With Connect, you engage your salespeople and clients in a richer, more relevant, and unprecedented exchange !


Increase in marketing content sharing from the launch of the use of Touch & Sell.


Documents used in sharing after the appointment to promote cross-selling.

The impacts of T&S | Connect

Better disseminate information

Centralize all exchanges

Shorten your sales cycles
Strengthen the relationship

Follow up with your clients at the right time

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