3 essential tactics for a successful Growth Enablement strategy


While Sales Enablement puts salespeople in the best conditions to perform in meetings, Growth Enablement involves all employees to trigger and/or accelerate growth. In this blog post, Touch & Sell provides you with three crucial tactics to successfully implement your Growth Enablement strategy. #1 Embrace the “Sales” mindset (even in marketing) When was the last […]

Sales Enablement: what are the most important KPIs to measure?


How do you assess the ROI of your Sales Enablement solution? What are the best metrics and KPIs to track to spot the best practices and make the necessary adjustments? In this blog post, Touch & Sell outlines the key Sales Enablement KPIs to track based on your business objectives. Let’s get started! #1 I […]

Why Sales Enablement is key to a successful ABM strategy?


ABM consists of channeling part of your sales and marketing efforts to a narrow group of accounts with high business potential. Half of the companies that participated in the annual Inbound Marketing France Barometer are already exploiting the potential of ABM. How does Sales Enablement contribute to the success of your ABM strategy? What is […]

Sales reps don’t know the answer to 40% of product questions asked by B2B buyers


Sales Enablement has been in the spotlight in the latter part of 2021, as we have witnessed at the Rencontres Internationales du Marketing (RIM) and the BtoB Summit, two key events in the French B2B industry. In these times of economic recovery, the sales push is crucial to consolidate market shares and support growth in […]

Shifting from Sales Enablement to Growth Enablement is vital for companies


By 2025, 75% of the most successful companies will deploy a revenue operations model (Gartner), better known as “RevOps”. This comprehensive approach optimizes strategy, processes, workflow, data analysis and technology. Moving to a broader Enablement strategy is needed to align Sales and Marketing, but also Customer Success and all departments involved in Go-to-Market efforts. According […]

Touch & Sell wins two awards at the 2021 Modern Selling Cas d’Or

Touch & Sell cas d'or

Sharing best practices is the shortest route to success in B2B, as academic knowledge remains a rarity in our businesses. This was the premise of the Modern Selling Cas d’Or Awards, the flagship Test & Learn event that announced its winners on the evening of October 19th. Touch & Sell, which presented a case study […]