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Fabrice Herlax, Chief Marketing & Operations Officer at Délifrance, equipped his company’s sales department with a mobile sales presentation application to assist the department in their work. When searching for new franchisees in different countries, Fabrice Herlax looked for a tool that could easily integrate a certain number of presentation documents. One of his requirements was that the solution should be simple, and available without an Internet connection. Providing his salespeople with a mobile sales-support application seemed to be the best option for what Délifrance was looking for.
“The Touch & Sell solution quickly enraptured us”
The bakery company’s CMOO was seduced by this turnkey solution: an easy-to-use application, managed through an administration interface that allowed instant adjustments to the application’s content.

How was the sales-support application rolled out at the company?

The first phase for the Délifrance teams was to think about the layout of all the documents to be made available to the sales team in the application. The company employed a Touch & Sell endorsed agency to develop the application’s graphic interface with the brand’s motifs. The final step was the integration of materials from the administration interface, and the synchronization of the content on the sales team’s tablets. According to Fabrice Herlax, Délifrance “found a fairly quick creation process because Touch & Sell supplied an operational tool within four months.

How have your employees taken to the application?

In Délifrance, two units have received the client-meeting application. One is the team responsible for business development and customer leads, the other is the sales department whose role is to open new stores. The two units have happily embraced the new tool and use it daily. Given this success, the company has opened up access to certain presentations in the application’s infrastructure for master franchisees so that they can have the latest information when they themselves are in a type of sales presentation. In essence, Délifrance has harmonized its sales pitch. Délifrance’s Fabrice Herlax equipped his sales team with a mobile app to assist them in their sales presentations

What have you noticed since using Touch & Sell?

Before using the tablet application, sales would go to meetings with papers in hand or a computer that wasn’t practical to lug around. As for the client’s experience, you can guess… According to the Chief Marketing & Operations Officer, Touch & Sell has by all accounts facilitated the interaction between the salesperson and the client during the presentation. With all documents at hand and being able to slip easily from a PDF document to a video, the company gives off a modern, professional image. Fabrice Herlax has compared the Touch & Sell solution to a 4×4, the application is “suited to all terrains”.

How would you describe your relation with Touch & Sell?

For the CMOO, the relationship between Délifrance and Touch & Sell rests on three key points. The first is responsiveness: “we’ve always received a quick response to our questions and technical issues; this is a key aspect for us,” declared Fabrice Herlax. There is also customer proximity: “Touch & Sell fully understood our needs and accompanied us in a speedy development without attempting to complicate the tool.” Finally, receptivity and attentiveness are strong points for Touch & Sell. The CMOO stated, “we felt like we were being listened to and we saw solutions come up following constructive conversations on how we would be able to use the application.” Délifrance’s interest in the Touch & Sell solution has now moved onto the smartphone. Fabrice Herlax espoused: “we quickly identified the smartphone as a complement to the tablet.” He recommends this use for one-off, unscheduled sales meetings such as at trade fairs, “the need to have identical access through a smartphone seemed obvious to us.”  The Chief Marketing Officer personally uses the Touch & Sell application only on his smartphone. It allows him to have constant access to all content to bolster his sales presentation when on business trips. More than 170 companies have decided to make use of a mobile sales-presentation application to support the arguments of their sales teams, in particular: Lagardère Métropoles, Universal Music, Canal+ Régie New call-to-action