Sales process: 3 tips for optimising your digital use

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70% of your customer’s buying decision is made before the first meeting. You already know this. However, to set yourself apart and optimise your sales process, you use a multitude of digital tools. How do you combine the human aspect with technology in a sale? Here are 3 tips for you to adopt the best position. (excerpt from the white paper Du VRP des cavernes au commercial du futur [From the primitive field sales representative to the salesperson of the future])
1. When closing, the human aspect is at the heart of the sales process
The spread of computers has reframed how we hold a meeting with a prospect, but it has not revolutionised closing, which is above all a human affair. This is what Frédéric Bonneton emphasises: “Technology is involved upstream. If you have made the customer understand the value of what you are selling them, with interactive tools for example, they will not hesitate, because they will not have to weigh the pros and cons. If the customer is afraid, you must “nudge” them, which is something no algorithm can do for you.”
2. Using digital technology to boost your presentation phase
Nevertheless, the new tools that have appeared in recent years may tell the salesperson how to focus their closing efforts. “Technology can help in that it makes the presentation a data collection phase that incorporates CRM (customer relationship management software)” says Bruno Barandas. “For example, there may be triggers that would say: “prospect X has read your entire presentation”, or “they have read it twice”, “they went to these pages”, “ they spent X minutes on the quote page”, etc. The presentation will be enhanced as a real sales tool and not only a tool that aids the salesperson.”
3. Finally, avoid the following bad practices</strong

  • Being too empathetic: you must know how to set your conditions and educate your customer (with refinement);
  • Trusting the customer and believing them when they say “I will call you back”. You must never be afraid of annoying your prospect by chasing them over the phone;
  • Letting your diary be dictated by the customer: a salesperson’s time is precious too.